With the Israeli Solider of myth returning home over the next few days, I’ve begun to see my concerns confirmed and more troubles arise out of the situation. Was it really worth it to negotiate 1000 Hamas terrorists for a lone man? That isn’t an exaggeration, Israel just pulled this move.

First, let us talk over this ‘1000 man trade’. In other countries, that strive to look danger in the face and spit it in the eye, don’t go and make themselves look submissive to the enemy and hand over 1000 prisoners. Seriously, when I heard the number I flipped my shit. How can they just sit through 64 months of negotiations and come out with that outcome?! Something has gone horribly wrong and what about the future? Think of it. In a few weeks, if these men are for the cause they stand for, what isn’t to stop them trying to breach and carry on the never ending fighting? I give it a week of re-equipping and moving to the right location, before they’re back out doing what they were told to. 

Moving closer to home, ‘celebrations’ are currently under way - statuses and tweets galore - and as I said on mine, I hate to be the party pooper, but is it worth it? Of course, it was most likely left for dust other than a few friends who actually understood and joined my cynical views on the matter. According to a few people, one Israeli soldier is worth a hundred Hamas soldiers/terrorists. Hang on. What? Taking away names, status and leaving them as just “soldiers”, this isn’t right. Both are trained to kill, albeit in different manners, but a man isn’t worth a hundred men, regardless of how you perceive them. By degrading them and just comparing them to the dirt coming from my dog’s anus makes you no better then the men you despise. Sure, hate what they do and I’m all for them being locked up as prisoners of war or as terrorists, but don’t disregard their humanity. For all you know, they could have ended up in this stupid, petty war started by old men who disagreed over what some bloke wrote a few hundred years before them. I think some of you forget how their politics work - on both sides - and really, no one gets a choice in the matter. You fight, you move on (through living it out or through death) and you’re done in the matter. It sickens me to see the victimised Jews suddenly turn vicious, after stating they’d want nothing more than peace. The same goes for the Palestinians too. In the end, both are as bad as each other and we all know it. Even those who I’m pointing the finger at know when they go too far. 

I was wondering though, would Galid really want to be freed for 1000 of the people he was trying to prevent causing more crimes? I don’t know, but I’m reminded in the nerdiest of ways of Spock’s final words that fit so well into this, “The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few.” Maybe we could extract this. Maybe Israel won’t be so irrational and let free 1000 prisoners for just one, lone man, because at the end of the day, he is just a man. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

War’s a bitch. Sometimes you have to let people go. Even if it goes against everything you stand for.

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